Hasten to my New Home!

After months of pondering and contemplating the pros and cons of buying my own domain name and hosting my own site, I decided to quit dithering and JUST DID IT.

Yes, I now own my name and won’t be hosted by WordPress any longer. SO, please update your rss feeds and sidebar links (which I really appreciate) to reflect that my blog is now located at http://www.gudrunstights.com.

I have a site up and running with all of your lovely comments preserved on the new site.

I’m going to see about getting a re-direct from this site to my new one soon, but I won’t be blogging here any longer.

Why did I make the change? I really wanted more control over what I can implement on the blog, how I can design it and I wanted to be able to use javascript widgets. I’m also interested in learning html and css and my blog will be my own personal playground for it.

Thank you all my wonderful friends for making this space such a happy place for me – please visit me at my new digs so we can continue the conversation!


Corn Dollies

“It’s a Pennine spiral,’ said a voice. Harry and the boys turned at the same moment to see that Tobias Renshaw had joined them. ‘Corn dollies are traditional all over the UK,’ the older man went on, ‘but each region seems to have its own particular design. The spiral is considered one of the most difficult to craft. My granddaughter’s brains all went into her fingers.’

– S.J. Bolton

Blood Harvest is my first book by S.J. Bolton, but I loved her before I began because of this from the book jacket: “Her fascination with British folklore, especially the dark and haunting side of those legends, fuels her writing”. Sounds fantastic.

More soon from Blood Harvest….

Forgive My Absence

I just wanted to let all of my faithful readers (both of you) know that I have been hideously burned out at work and haven’t had the time or inclination to post or read others’ posts this week. I did finish a marvelous mystery a few days ago and will write about that soon. For now I’m headed to bed as I work day three of seven days in a row tomorrow. Goodnight, my friends!